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Ravens Lead Falcons 3-0: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

With the offenses looking quite a bit behind the defenses, the Baltimore Ravens limp into halftime leading the Atlanta Falcons 3-0. Paramount in the game early on was the shoulder contusion to reserve QB Tyrod Taylor, knocking him out of the game and jeopardizing his regular season. Third stringer Hunter Cantwell came in and has proved why he is a third stringer. At least the Ravens defensive reserves have shut down the Falcons reserves, although both defenses have had the upper hand so far.

Don't expect any offensive fireworks in the 2nd half as both teams want to stay healthy and get the pre-season over with so they can focus on the regular season starting in a little over ten days. Virtually none of the Ravens starters played today but a lot of rookies and veterans on the roster bubble are fighting for their NFL careers. Rosters must be cut down to 53 on Saturday, meaning 27 more players will be given their walking papers, so for many players, the second half of this game is their most important playing time of their lives.