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Ravens @ Falcons: Gametime 'Open Thread'

Although the final pre-season game is usually a yawner for most fans as the starters either play a very limited amount or not at all, this game will make or break the careers of many of the lesser-known players. Guys who are on the roster "bubble" have one more chance to prove to the coaches that they belong on their team and once this game is over, the coaching staff and team management will have to make some very difficult decisions as to who will fill out those final few roster sots and make their team's 53-man roster.

So stick with Baltimore Beatdown as we watch with interest how the reserves, who expect to play a majority of the game for the Baltimore Ravens as they travel to face the Atlanta Falcons. Post your comments on how these kids are doing and what you expect their chances of landing their dream job and a chance to join the Ravens on their quest to reach the Super Bowl.

Don't forget to try your hand and enter Baltimore Beatdown's "Predict The Baltimore Ravens 53-Man Roster" Contest to win some great prizes as noted in the previously posted story by clicking here.