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Referee Ed Hochuli Likes New NFL Rule Changes

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Well-known NFL referee Ed Hochuli was interviewed in a story posted on Sports Radio Interviewsabout the new rule changes over the past few years to protect the players and he thinks they have been "100% good things." Hochuli is as much known for showing off his huge "guns" in his short-sleeve zebra-striped uniform as he is for being one of the better officials in the NFL.

Asked about all the rule changes that have been enacted to protect defenseless players and he ademantly believes they have been done to protect defenseless players as the game has changed since he first entered the league as an official in 1990.

He specifically supports the new kickoff rule that changes the kickoff from the 30-yard line to the 35-yard line, resulting in many more touchbacks and lessening both the possibility of serious injuries as well as changing the effect that kick returners have on the outcome of games. The ability to check replays on any play will also improve the accuracy of the referees calls and take away more of the "human-error" factor that fans have seen in replays but the referees had not previously seen.