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Ravens' Moves Affect Fantasy Football Decisions

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Last month we invited you to join Baltimore Beatdown's Yahoo! Sports Free Fantasy Football League. There will be prizes for the top finishers and fun all season long as we compete with each other to see whose team will end up on top of the heap, although there no longer is any Heap in Baltimore. Due to the changes in the Baltimore Ravens roster over the past two weeks, the effect this has had on the real team will affect your "fake" team in fantasy football.

Speaking of fake teams, SB Nation has a blog devoted to fantasy sports called, not surprisingly, Fake Teams, and it is beginning to cover all the fantasy football news you'll need to win your league, but hopefully not my league (click here for their current positional rankings)! So how does the recent additions and deletions from the Ravens roster affect the values of the remaining players on the team?

The combination of the loss of WR Derrick Mason and the current lack of a proven veteran opposite Anquan Boldin may scare some people away from both Boldin and QB Joe Flacco. They will note that Boldin will receive double coverage, which could diminish his effectiveness and Flacco's stats will suffer accordingly. I say thatt he WR position is one of the two easiest positions for a rookie to come in and succeed at (the other being RB).

The addition of bruising fullback Vonta Leach should only improve the probability of success and therefore the draft status of RB Ray Rice. Having huge holes opened for him by a true fullback as opposed to a reluctant one from last season, should propel Rice into the early to mid first round of your fantasy draft. The addition of Rickey Williams may take some goal-line carries away from Rice but not scare anyone off from grabbing him for their fantasy team.

With a few positions on the Ravens defense still unclear, such as the starter at safety next to Ed Reed, and who will be the two main cornerbacks, the team defense and special teams continues to be a solid play, among the top ones in fantasy football. Nothing the team does between now and the regular season starting should change this, although the offensive changes could continue to affect draft decisions as the final roster spots are determined.