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Ravens Kindle Expected To Contribute, Not Star In 2011

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After his terrible freak accident last year just before Training Camp began, most people wondered if Baltimore Ravens LB Sergio Kindle would ever play football again, much less contribute to the team in 2011. Kindle cracked his skull in a fall down two flights of stairs and the concern that the lingering effects of that incident was that he would not be able t have head-to-head contact for obvious reasons, at least not in 2011.

However, not only did he receive medical clearance and got on the field when camp first opened, he is expected to be part of the Ravens improved pass rush this season, which would be more like getting another high draft pick this year. While this officially is Kindle's second year in the league, he is virtually a rookie, learning the defense and at times looking a bit lost out there, especially when dropping into pass coverage.

At the same time, do not expect to see Kindle roaming the Ravens' secondary very often in 2011, as his primary goal will be to get to the opponent's QB and provide another distraction to teams focusing on OLB Terrell Suggs all the time. If Sergio can return to anything similar to the one that the Ravens saw on tape disrupting offenses at the University of Texas, then they will feel like their return on their investment is finally beginning to pay off.

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