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Ravens Defense To Return To 'Organized Chaos'

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When opponents face the Baltimore Ravens defense in 2011, new Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano wants them to think, "it ought to look like we've got 13, 14, 15 guys out there." His personality is somewhere between the zany attitude of former DC and now New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and former DC and now DC at the University of Michigan Gregg Mattison. However, everyone will tell you he is a lot closer to Ryan's personality than Mattison's.

Although relatively small in stature, Pagano is extremely demonstrative and not afraid to get in the faces of players 100 pounds and a lot taller than he is. That style of coaching is what the Ravens defensive players like and respond best to, and head coach John Harbaigh is expecting great things from his new DC. In a story in the Carroll County Times by Aaron Wilson, Pagano rise to this position on Harbaugh's coaching staff has been heartily endorsed by the guys he will lead into battle each Sunday this fall.

With the 10th ranked overall defense in 2010, Pagano plans on the team being a lot more aggressive and move up that ranking a lot higher, if not to the top of the heap. While many teams would be thrilled to be considered a Top Ten unit, the Ravens and their fans have been spoiled in the past and unless they are among the top few in the league, the fans, players, coaches and especially Pagano wil not be satisfied.