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Ravens Sign Bruising Safety Pollard

The Baltimore Ravens officially signed hard-hitting strong safety Bernard Pollard today. Pollard is entering his sixth year in the NFL, having spent his previous five between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. Although the Texans defense was among the league's worst in 2010, Pollard has had over 100 tackles in each of the past two seasons. In addition, he had four forced fumbles, a testament to his ability to "lay the wood" on opposing ball-carriers.

The knock against Pollard is his pass coverage skills, but at 6'1" and 224 pounds, he is one of the bigger and more physical safeties in the NFL, and should be a solid complement to free safety Ed Reed. That said, Pollard is in no way guaranteed the starting strong safety position. Both Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura will give every effort to try to earn that starting gig in the Ravens defensive backfield. However, by taking a look at the above video, Bernard Pollard seems like he will fit into this defense just fine.

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