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Baltimore Colts Great Bubba Smith Passes Away

Older fans of the Baltimore Colts will definitely remember the ferocious nature of defensive end Bubba Smith. Unfortunately, Smith passed way today in Los Angeles at the age of 66. His NFL career was cut short by a knee injury that today might only sideline a player for a few weeks. He suffered a freak injury by falling on the first down pole marker on the sidelines during a play. Back then, the term was that Smith "blew his knee out," while today it would just need arthroscopic surgery and he could return in as little as a month. He was never the same player after that injury

Smith, whose full name was Charles Aaron Smith, was the first overall pick in the 1967 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Colts. He was considered one of the best pass rushers of his era and after his playing career ended, his movie career began and between the 'Police Academy' movies and his Miller Lite beer commercials, became widely known outside the sports arena.

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