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Predict The Baltimore Ravens 53-Man Roster

After this Thursday's final pre-season game, the Baltimore Ravens and the rest of the NFL teams must cut down their current 80-man roster to a final size of 53 players. The Ravens will have to cut as many as 27 players and they may actually cut more in order to sign a player or two who will be cut from other teams that could be a good fit on the Ravens. Who will those 53 lucky players who will make up the 2011 Baltimore Ravens?

Take a shot at predicting the final roster in Baltimore Beatdown's "Predict The Baltimore Ravens 53-Man Roster" Contest. Post your 53 players in paragraph form so as not to take up so much space in the comments section below. The first 40 or so players on everyone's lists should be pretty much the same, but those last dozen players or so will be the difference and the last three players in will probably surprise a lot of people.

The winner of the contest will have a choice at picking between a plethora of possible prizes too numerous to mention here and now. So start posting your final roster, but only once, so make real sure you think about what the team needs will end up being position-by-position.

NOTE: Contest deadline is Friday, September 2nd at midnight ET and comments will be closed at that point.

POST PUBLISH NOTE: El.Dude is the winner, with only 2 incorrect names (Harewood, Burgess). Six other guys had 2 wrong names). COngrats to El.Dude and thanks to all for entering!!!