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SB Nation's Baltimore Ravens 2011 Season Preview

SB Nation is going through the entire NFL to post previews of each team through their lead blog writers. Baltimore Beatdown wrote up a narrative on the Baltimore Ravens 2011 Season Preview, based on a set of questions requested by SB Nation. The topics ranged from predicting the Ravens record to the best player most people have never heard of.

Here is what I wrote about my prediction on what I could see the Ravens 2011 regular season record:

"With the Baltimore Ravens scheduled to play the NFC West, easily the weakest division in the NFL, as well as seeing both the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns twice, they could definitely be figured to sweep all eight of those games. If they can win five of the other eight games, they should be able to reach a 13-3 season and with it, that elusive AFC North division title and what would most likely earn then a playoff bye and a playoff home game for the first time in four consecutive trips to the post season."

As far as the best player(s) most others have not yet heard of, this is who I focused on:

"WR David Reed was a fifth round draft pick last year who couldn't stay healthy and only recently returned to the practice field this week. However, he is already ahead of the rookie WR's and proved he can be a solid kick returner as he returned one for a TD last season.  The other guy is punter Sam Koch, who is a linebacker in a punter's body and booms kicks far and can touch them down near the goal line almost on command, which is a very under rated skill."