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Ravens Fans Not Exempt From Poor Behavior

With a lot of attention of bad behavior from NFL fans focusing on the fight between fans of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers at a recent exhibition game, the Baltimore Ravens fans are definitely not exempt from this type of ugly action. At the pre-season game hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on August 19th, fans of both teams got into a brawl on the concourse, which was captured by a cell phone camera and posted on YouTube, drawing hundreds of thousands of hits.

The league wants teams to crack down on this type of unnecessary fanatic behavior, which can not only be dangerous, but deadly as well. A fan who attended a major league baseball game between the Los Angelos Dodgers and San Francisco Giants was beaten into a coma earlier this year. Unfortunately, the combination of team pride with too much alcohol can lead to boorish and physical behavior, which needs to be dealt with severely in order to send the appropriate message.

Ravens fans have always prided themselves on being fair, orderly , yet loyal to their team, but going overboard by bullying and fighting to defend that loyalty has no place anywhere in the league, much less in Charm City. to have this video posted on YouTube, much less featured on Kansas City's Fox 4 TV Station affiliate, does nothing for the continuing negative stereotype of Baltimore and its citizens.