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Ravens Appreciate Overcast Skies At Practice

Under overcast skies with much cooler temperatures, the Baltimore Ravens practiced this afternoon, knowing that most likely tomorrow, many guys will be losing a lot of reps to the rest of the squad that is due in to start their part of Training Camp. However, that hasn't slowed down the pace of practice, be it for the unknown rookies or the established star veterans in camp.

In passing drills, QB Joe Flacco is targeting WR Anquan Boldin as much as possible, making one wonder if the team perhaps does not want Derrick Mason back to interrupt or "retard" the growth of that bond. Rookie WR Torrey Smih is dressed but not practicing, so Justin Harper is running with the first team, while Tandon Doss comes in on three-wide sets.

The defense is talking it up as the offense comes to the line of scrimmage. Flacco targets "Q" over and over, until he finally dumps a pass off to rookie RB Anthony Allen, who shows a good burst of speed for a big back (with by far the longest dreads on the team).

It's interesting to see that regardless of going through Training camps for the previous 16 years, Ray Lewis still runs to and from the huddle and sidelines,setting a great professional example for the younger kids, despite his constant chatting.

I notice on one play, RB Matt Lawrence runs up the middle, only to be met by DT Terrence Cody, and "Mount Cody" just grabs and lifts him up with one huge arm.

Flacco pinpoints a rocket 30+ yards over the middle to Ed Dickson who breaks free and sprints to the end zone, only to have CB Domonique Foxworth, running at full speed, track him down by the goal line to the hoots of his defensive teammates.

Rookie QB Tyrod Taylor, who may be in line to be Flacco's backup unless the team brings in a veteran, lofts a nice pass over rookie CB Chykie Brown into the waiting arms of rookie WR Terrell Zachery.

On one play, while LB Jarret Johnson runs right by an over-matched Anthony Allen, Flacco hits Boldin in stride across the middle, hopelessly chased by Ray Lewis.

Shortly thereafter, Ray bursts up the middle, touching Flacco, yelling "Sack! Put him to sleep!" as Suggs follows with "We hunt!"

No photos today, as the Ravens PR Department wouldn't allow them based on the packages that the team was "installing" this afternoon. More interviews with players to follow.