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Ravens End Practice With Chant, "Soft Serve!"

When practice ended on Tuesday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens, as always, huddled around head coach John Harbaugh for his words of inspiration. He said to the guys that they were on a "straight path to getting better," among other positive comments on the way the team had practiced.

However, he was interrupted by the sound of the bells of ice cream trucks rolling onto the practice fields of their Ownings Mills, Maryland Training Camp, compliments of owner Steve Bisciotti, who was in attendance Tuesday. The players truly appreciated the humorous show of appreciation, especially in this heat, ending their practice with the chant, "soft serve!"

The video on, shows the players lining up like little kids, searching the menu for their old favorites and politely saying, "thank you" after receiving their goodies. Even Bisciotti and Harbaugh had their "Choc-Taco" and "Cookies-&-Creme" treats.