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ESPN Chats With Ravens' Ray Rice

Last week, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice chatted with ESPN SportsNation about all things NFL, including not only the Ravens chances in 2011, but his quest to be among the top Madden 2012 players and receive a rating that puts him in the 'Madden 100 Club.' Those Madden video game fanatics will know what that means, as Rice is among five players vying for the vote in that level of play in the "Elusiveness" category.

No need for Ravens fans to worry about which team Rice plays with when he picks up the controller to play Madden, as it's always his Ravens. He talks about what is discussed in the locker room regarding Madden game ratings, but knows it's all for fun, although I bet players rag on each other and complain amongst themselves, but doubt it will ever reach the press.

Ray thinks the Ravens are more of a complete team this year than they have been in his previous three seasons in the NFL. He has a ton of confidence in QB Joe Flacco and even takes some good natured ribbing from a Steelers fan by saying, "Our day is coming. I'm proud to be a Raven."