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Ravens Potential Roster Cuts: Defense

In the previous post, we discussed and listed the possible players that could be the one to be visited by the dreaded "Turk," which is the nickname given to the guy who must call on the player to follow him to the coach's office along with his playbook for that unfortunate final conversation.

Let's list the defensive and Special Teams players who might get the notice that their time as a member of the Baltimore Ravens has come to an end:

CB: Talmedge Jackson, Danny Gorrer

DT: Bryan Hall, Derek Simmons

LB: Chavis Williams, Josh Bynes

S: Nate Williams

LS: Patrick Scales

There are a bunch of other guys, both rookies and veterans, on the defense who will not make the final roster, but their day is coming at the end of the week and thus are not on my list for the next cut, due tomorrow.