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Ravens Roster Cuts Looming

NFL teams must cut their rosters down to 80 players as of Tuesday, from their current maximum of 90 players. The Baltimore Ravens already made nine of their anticipated ten cuts this past weekend, so they still must make one more cut by tomorrow. Final 53-man rosters must be set by September 3rd, and then an eight man Practice Squad will be allowed to be filled by each team. The old "3rd QB" rule has been done away with, replaced by the 46-player active game-day roster, as explained in this SB Nation story.

With major cuts by all NFL looming once this Thursday's final pre-season game is over, that one cut the Ravens must make may be insignificant, but trust me, no one on the current roster wants to be that guy tomorrow. Looking at the team's roster, there are a few names that unfortunately look like their time may be limited and even if they are not sent packing tomorrow, the stand as longshots based on the team's depth at certain positions. Check back with us later to see the list of possible players on both offense and defense that could be cut.

Some of them stand to be offered the chance to remain on the Practice Squad if not picked up by other teams, but the next cuts will be the deepest. Stick with Baltimore Beatdown as we get closer to the final roster cut-down date and enter our Final 53 Man Roster Contest, to win a great prize of your choice.