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Ravens Potential Roster Cuts: Offense

As the Baltimore Ravens have to make at least one more cut to get their official roster down to 80 players by tomorrow, we'll look at he offense to see who that unlucky player might be. Later today, we'll take a look at a possible defensive player who could be cut. Certain players might be kept based on their Special Teams play, while others may be kept until the final cut-down for positional depth practice reasons.

Here are my possibilities to be visited by "The Turk," as the guy is known who comes to get the player and says  "bring your playbook" to them:

Center: Jason Murphy, Tim Barnes

Guard/Tackle: Justin Boren, Andre Ramsey,

RB/FB: Ryan Mahaffey, Matt Lawrence, Damien Berry

TE: Jodrick Morris

WR: James Hardy, Brandon Jones, Marcus Smith

QB: Hunter Cantwell