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Ravens Rookie Tandon Doss Played Hero Before Football Yesterday

It was reported on both Baltimore and the National Football Post that Ravens rookie wide receiver Tandon Doss foiled an assault attempt at a local restaurant before heading over to M&T Bank Stadium to play in the team's 34-31 come from behind victory over the Washington Redskins in the third pre-season game for both teams.

Doss had stopped in the Five Guys burger and fries joint downtown on his way to the stadium and was there when two former employees tried to attack the store manager with a knife, until Doss stepped in to rescue the manager. Rumors were that in addition to the two catches for 28 yards in the team's win, Doss corralled a couple of burgers and some greasy fries without dropping a single one.

While some people were wondering what the rookie was doing in the Inner Harbor prior to the game, it was not that close to gametime, he was just grabbing his own pre-game meal and happened to choose both a good time and bad time to show up there, depending on if you ask either the store manager or his assailants.