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Lingerie Football League 2011 Season Opens Tonight On MTV2

2011 Lingerie Football League opens tonight on MTV2 at 10pm
2011 Lingerie Football League opens tonight on MTV2 at 10pm

Although the Lingerie Football League's Baltimore Charm do not begin their 2011 season until September 16th when they host the Orlando Fantasy at First Mariner Arena, the league has its season opener tonight. The Green Bay Chill hosts the Minnesota Valkyrie at 10pm, nationally televised on MTV2.

Both the Chill and the Valkyrie are expansion teams, as the LFL added five new teams for the 2011 season. The league has grown faster in its first two years than either the UFC or WWE, and are currently looking to expand to both Europe and Australia in the near future.

Founder and CEO Mitchell Mortaza has been shrewd in how he has marketed the league and while he insists that the girls be beautiful and wear sexy uniforms, he wants everyone to know that quality football is tops on his agenda. He used some colorful language to let every player on every team know that he didn't want any "Paris Hilton's" in this league, meaning girls who wanted to show up and just look good. He went on to add that he was looking for players who would be the future face of the league and needed to see some "bad mother------s" out on the arena playing field.

So watch MTV2 tonight and if you are one of the many skeptics about this league, tune in and join the many converts who like to watch really good, hard-hitting, body-slamming tackle football, just by beautiful women in sexy uniforms.