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Ravens Storm Back with 34-31 Victory Against Redskins

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The Battle of the Beltway series came to an end last night with Baltimore prevailing in the final seconds of the game. While it wasn't the most perfect game, a win is a win and this team fought till the end to pull out the victory. Here are a few short notes and recap of the 34-31 victory over the Washington Redskins.

  • While the offense started slow and Flacco made a bonehead pick, it was impressive to see that group stay together and fight back to tie the game on two different occasions. Joe was shakey at first and CB DeAngelo Hall made a great read on the interception, but Joe kept his composure as always and generated two great TD drives.
  • When Ozzie and crew was unable to land Free Agent WR Malcolm Floyd from San Diego, most fans were bummed about it. Welcome Lee Evans in now Ravens fans. Not much needs to be said about the guy, he is a playmaker and get used to what you saw last night.
  • O-Line was not very good, once again, and it showed particularly in pass protection. Flacco had the pocket collapsed on him numerous times. Granted we are missing 3 starters and Oher is not where he will be playing, it was disappointing to see that group play poorly again. Center Bryan Mattison did have another quality game and he looks to be a lock for the 53 man roster with these last 3 games.
  • RB Ray Rice had his best game yet and you can see that he is only getting better. Nice runs, nice catches, he did it all last night.
  • Give it up for the rookie Tyrod Taylor. Many thought we were looking at a practice squad player after the Eagles game. Taylor led us back when the team was rallying. Some Ravens fans are getting more and more comfortable with him as the #2.
  • Defense played alright. There is alot of polishing to do, but there were bright spots. Pass rush was fairly decent, as we saw guys like Webb, McPhee and others stepping up big.
  • Coverage was below average, especially against the QB's and WR we played last night. Too many times the CB's got beat over the middle. Foxworth is not back to form yet and was getting beat all night. Jimmy got beat, but looked good on some plays. Webb had a solid game.
  • Lastly, Laquan Williams. This is a guy who wants to make the team. This is 3 straight weeks where the kid has made big plays late in the game. If there is one way to make this team as an undrafted rookie, it is to make big plays in big situations. Ozzie found a gem in this one.

Short recap, share your thoughts and let's get ready for Atlanta.