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NFL Fans Flood Internet

With the crazy first month of the 2011 NFL season following the lifting of the lockout, NFL fans have flooded the internet in record numbers with blogs, message boards/groups, Twitter, Facebook, and online news posts. According to an article from The Nielsen Company, the buzz from the NFL has been the biggest chunk of internet traffic around the country.

Leading the NFL teams in terms of traffic are the New York Jets, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. Unfortunately, as well as Baltimore Beatdown has done in August, the Baltimore Ravens are not in the top five NFL teams being talked about online.

Amazingly, one in four web users in the United Stated visited a sports web site in the week that these stats come from, equaling 42.5 million Americans, more than doubling the numbers from last year at this same time. Yahoo! Sports, followed by ESPN, FoxSports, and then were the top five visited sites.