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McKinnie's Signing Pending Passing Ravens' Physical

While the reports have been out there about former Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie signing a two-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens, it is still not official pending his passing his physical with the team scheduled for Wednesday. According to, McKinnie is being listed by the Ravens at weighing 345 pounds, but was released by the Vikings after reporting to camp at close to 400 pounds.

Regardless of his actual weight, if McKinnie passes his physical, he will bring size and experience to the Ravens offensive line and reunite with his former linemate in Minnesota, Ravens center Matt Birk. Remember that the Oakland Raiders were excited that they had signed former Ravens tackle Jared Gaither, only to have him fail their physical and thereby never inking him to a deal.

Earlier this month, the Ravens signed former Washington Redskins center Casey Rabach, but he too failed his physical and was never officially brought onto the team's roster. So before anyone gets too excited, let's make sure McKinnie is in good enough shape to pass his physical here and be added to the offensive line that could really use the depth.

After signing former New England Patriots tackle Mark LeVoir, it was thought that the offensive line was set. However, LeVoir only started three games in two seasons with the Patriots, but his experience on that team was enough to put him with the first team and put rookie OT Jah Reid into a reserve role.

Now the possibility of adding a veteran of McKinnie's caliber raises all sorts of possibilities on the Ravens offensive line. McKinnie, when healthy and productive, was an All-Pro left tackle. If the Ravens wanted to play him at left tackle and return Michael Oher to the right side, they might have one of the top offensive lines in the league. However, the odds are that the team will keep Oher on the left side and see how McKinnie performs on the right side before making any further decisions.

Either way, if, and this is a big if, if Bryant McKinnie returns to his pre-fattening up form, the possibilities for what has been thought to be the Ravens weakest link , are endless and the results could be what the team needs to protect QB Joe Flacco and allow him to pick apart opposing defenses, much less open hge holes for Ray Rice and the running game.

Corss your fingers...