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Baltimore Charm Go Full Contact At Practice

LFL's Baltimore Charm
LFL's Baltimore Charm

With less than a month until the regular season opener in the Lingerie Football League, the Baltimore Charm hit the practice field in pads for the first time and began their full contact drills. The ladies of the second year Charm have been conditioning and practicing plays, formations and strategies, but until now the contact has been minima as head cach Rick Reeder and his assistants have been turning the team from athletes into football players.

Now many of the players will not only be hitting for the first time, but almost more importantly, they will find out what it is like to be hit as well. Some of them will be having eye-opening experiences, as the physicality of what they should expect in this league may be a word away from the powder-puff football that perhaps many fans may incorrectly think this is really about.

Check out a few videos of the conditioning, football and even one of the full contact drills, as the sound of pads-on-pads may even remind you of another football team in Baltimore.

Baltimore Charm Full Contact Drill

Baltimore Charm QB Drill

Baltimore Charm Conditioning Drill