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Ravens Sign Center Casey Rabach

The Baltimore Ravens didn't waste any time once the Washington Redskins released center Casey Rabach for financial reasons. The ten-year veteran center, who played for the Ravens from 2001-2004, was signed as an insurance policy for current starting center, Matt Birk. Birk has been hobbled by a leg injury and at 36 years of age, the team isn't taking any chances.

Despite bringing in two undrafted free agent centers, Ryan Bartholomew (Syracuse) and Tim Barnes (Missouri), the team doesn't want to get stuck with a rookie snapping the ball to QB Joe Flacco, as the Ravens are on the verge of breaking through to the Super Bowl and don't want to risk having a rookie start each play with the ball in his hands.

Rabach, no youngster at 33 years old, is only two years younger than Birk (35), but has proved himself just as durable. At the same time, if Birk is healthy, he will be the team's starter and Rabach, who can also fill in at guard, will be the backup.

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