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Moss' Retirement Increases Derrick Mason's Value

With wide receiver Randy Moss now considered retired, former Baltimore Ravens wideout Derrick Mason became even more valuable as a veteran free agent on the open market. Whether that will translate into more options for Mason and ultimately a bigger asking price is another thing. As Training Camps get underway and teams begin to sort out their rosters, Mason's choices may be more limited the longer he takes to make a decision.

Some rumors obviously have him returning to the Ravens, which would be the ideal situation for both Derrick and Baltimore. He knows the system and has the confidence of QB Joe Flacco as his go-to receiver. However, as GM Ozzie Newsome has repeated over and over, "right player, right price."

If Mason thinks he can hold out most of Training camp and then swoop in to get the cash and his starting gig back, he may end up very disappointed. Some rumors have him fitting in with the Tennessee Titans, his previous team prior to joining the Ravens. They have a new QB there and could definitely use the veteran presence of a wide receiver like Mason. The future will be revealed shortly, as the first exhibition games begin next week and with no mini-camps or OTAs, teams are trying to finalize their roster slots a lot earlier this season.