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Chiefs Hope Former Ravens Toughen Up Team

With three former members of the Baltimore Ravens on their roster, the Kansas City Chiefs may be trying to mold themselves into "Baltimore Midwest," according to The Chiefs not only signed FB Le'Ron McClain, DT Kelly Gregg and OT Jared Gaither through free agency, they also brought QB Coach Jim Zorn on board.

At one point, the plan appeared to be to mold themselves into the shape of the New England Patriots, more of a finesse team, but with the signing of three very physical Ravens and after the 30-7 beatdown the Chiefs suffered at the hands of the Ravens in last year's playoff game, it is beginning to look that Kansas City may be headed in a different direction.

Whether or not the addition of three players from the Ravens can infuse enough of an influence to change the personality of an entire team remains to be seen. However, most Ravens fans realize that all three of these guys, if healthy and playing to their potential, will be a gold mine of talent for the Chiefs and while they are still in the AFC with Baltimore, most Ravens fans will watch their progress and wish them luck against at least 30 other teams.