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Bills WR Steve Johnson Shocked To Lose Lee Evans

When former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans was traded to the Baltimore Ravens last week, no one was more surprised than his fellow WR, Steve Johnson. Johnson was interviewed on WGR in Buffalo and then posted on Johnson was close to Evans and was shocked when what he thought was just a rumor became reality.

Johnson said he thought the trade, "came out of nowhere, ...but it happened and everyone was pretty much shocked." Now Johnson, easily the Bills top receiver in 2010 with 82 catches for over 1,000 yards and ten touchdowns, will draw even more coverage from the opponents, although he says he is not worried and won't change how he approaches the game.

The comments that were made and even reported here on Baltimore Beatdown in a recent story, was that both Evans and the Bills were happy to see him go. However, if that was indeed the case, count Johnson as one who never noticed anything remotely like that out of Evans' demeanor. At the same time, it looks like Buffalo's loss will end up being Baltimore's gain. At least Ravens fans certainly hope so.