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Think Chiefs' Jamaal Charles Remembers Ravens' Terrence Cody?

When the Baltimore Ravens host the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow night (Friday, August 19th) at M&T Bank Stadium in the second pre-season game for both teams, there will be a reunion of sorts between two players who first met in January when the Ravens defeated the Chiefs 30-7 in the first round of the 2011 NFL playoffs.

Ravens mammoth defensive tackle Terrence Cody fell on top of Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, forcing a fumble and almost flattening him in the process. The Ravens took over and thereafter Kansas City was far enough behind in the score that the play in essence took the air out of the Chiefs running game resulting in Charles no longer being a factor.

Although "Mount" Cody was a reserve in his rookie season last year, he is the starter now due to the release of veteran DT Kelly Gregg, who is ironically now a member of the Chiefs. Cody is being counted on to make more plays like this in 2011, as he has lost weight and is in noticeably better shape than when he reported to the team and failed his fitness test last year.