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Fomer Raven Jermaine Lewis Arrested

Jermaine Lewis will be forever etched in the minds of most Baltimore Ravens fans as he raced down the field for a touchdown on a kickoff in the Ravens 34-7 victory over the New York Giants in Super Bowl 35 in 2001. Now Lewis, or more specifically his fingerprints, are forever etched in ink as he was arrested Monday night after leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest, which resulted in him being tasered by a police officer in his Reisterstown home.

In a story on CSN Baltimore, John Eisenberg reports that Lewis hit a stop sign but left the scene. He was found at his home, appeared to be intoxicated and when he refused to cooperate with the police, was tasered and arrested. He ultimately was released after posting bail, but obviously is in a boatload of trouble and will have to plead his case at some point in a Baltimore County District Court.

Lewis was a fan favorite, being signed by the Baltimore Ravens out of the University of Maryland and becoming one of the better return men in the NFL, and later was claimed in the expansion draft when the Houston Texans became an NFL franchise. Hopefully, Jermaine can rise above this and return to being remembered for his contribution on the field, not his "contribution" to Baltimore County's court system fund.