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Steelers' Ward Looking Forward To Ravens

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In a story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Steelers WR Hines Ward took just another jab in this NFL rivalry that has both teams, their fans and most true football fans looking forward to their week one match-up to kick off the 2011 NFL regular season. Ward choose to comment on how much he wants to get it on with the Baltimore Ravens as well as he opinion on how the loss of the Ravens veterans that were released has affected the locker room. Finally, he mentioned that the pressure is now on Baltimore's QB Joe Flacco to take charge.

Whether or not any of his comments are true, most Ravens fans feel he does not need to remind anyone in the Ravens organization of what their responsibilities are nor who needs to shoulder the burden of leadership in the team's locker room. Ward should be more concerned about his recent arrest on a DUI charge, in addition to healing from his recent thumb surgery.

It was nice to hear that he is ready to break Raining camp and head straight to Baltimore for that first game and finding out that he spent last Thursday evening watching the Ravens first pre-season game with the Philadelphia Eagles. If he has no plans on Friday night, perhaps it would be in Ward's best interests to sit home and watch the Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs instead of having a few nightcaps and  then getting behind the wheel of his car.