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Ravens To See A Different Jared Gaither This Week

The Baltimore Ravens choose not to re-sign offensive tackle Jared Gaither for the 2011 NFL season. Instead, although he failed a physical with the Oakland Raiders, he was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs, the Ravens next opponent this weekend in pre-season.

The Chiefs are excited to get a player the size and ability of Gaither, depending on "which" Gaither they end up with. Kansas City is not thrilled with their current left tackle, Brandon Albert, and they'd like nothing better than for Gaither to earn the starting left tackle position and push Albert to the right tackle slot.

However, accoridng to a story on SB Nation Kansas City, the Chiefs plan to "ease" Gaither into the position, both out of desire not to have him re-injure himself, but to make sure he is physically and mentally ready to assume the role. Whether or not we see Gaither in a red uniform on the field this Friday evening remains to be seen, but all Ravens fans can do is just think about the opportunity the former Maryland product had and what could have been if he'd stayed healthy and on the left side with Michael Oher on the right.