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Both Bills & Ravens Happy Lee Evans Is In Baltimore

Even though the Baltimore Ravens only gave up a 2012 fourth round draft pick for wide receiver Lee Evans, the Buffalo Bills are also happy about the trade they just made with the Ravens. Evans will immediately start for Baltimore opposite Anquan Boldin, pushing back rookie wide receivers Torrey Smith and Tandon Doss into the 3rd and 4th slots on the depth chart.

However, Buffalo knows they got rid of a veteran that had his worst pro season in 2010, and had slipped down the totem pole of pririty target for Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick behind Steve Johnson. Ravens fans might not realize that, as Evans torched the Ravens for 105 yards and three TD receptions in the 37-34 OT victory over the Bills in the 2010 season.

According to a story referenced on Pro Football Talk, Buffalo was glad to get the offer they did to rid themselves of a guy who had never been to the Pro Bowl despite a solid reputation in his career, and certainly was not going to be the difference between the Bills winning or losing in 2011. Thus, even though the Bills' loss is the Ravens' gain, it appears to be Buffalo's "gain" as well.