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NFL Kickoff Promotion with TiqIQ

TiqIQ/SB Nation NFL Kickoff Contest
TiqIQ/SB Nation NFL Kickoff Contest

Want to get to a game? Looking for tickets? Well, how about WINNING tickets? We've got a great promotion to start the season off right: Predict the final score of the 1st game, the winner, who's the 1st to score and how far they go, and you can score... tickets, that is! Check us out on our Baltimore Beatdown Tickets Facebook Page, enter the contest, and get your tickets!  

Win $200 worth of tickets to a game of your choice in the TiqIQ NFL Kickoff contest by predicting the below:
1. Final score of the 1st game, and winner
2. Who will score the 1st TD in the game                                                                                                                                    3. Yards for the 1st TD

The contest will end at kickoff of the first regular season Monday night game.  If two people have the same correct guess, the person who submitted their entry first wins.  Winners will be contacted the following week.

Also, to purchase tickets to an upcoming Baltimore ravens game, go to our Baltimore Beatdown Tickets Website.