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Newly Signed Bernard Pollard Fits In With Ravens

As noted in a story by Aaron Wilson in the Carroll County Times, newly signed safety Bernard Pollard made an instant impact on the first day of practice as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. Known for hitting hard-hitting style, Pollard can disrupt offenses by "laying the wood" to ball-carriers or even blockers who may try and step in front of him when he blitzes or tries to make the tackle.

Pollard's weakness according to many, is his inability to cover on pass plays and the description most use is that he is very good moving forward, but not backing up. Moving up to make the tackle is where he has made his physical reputation, but dropping into pass coverage has been his downfall. How that translates into his role with the Ravens remains unclear, but after starting for both the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans over the past five years, Pollard is absolutely in the mix to join free safety Ed Reed in the Ravens secondary.

Pollard will be competing for the strong safety position with both Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura. Tonight's pre-season game will give all three a lot of time to start giving their coaches a taste of what they can expect.