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Ravens Represent Broad Range Of Colleges

According to, there are 90 players currently listed on the team's roster. Those 90 players come to the Ravens from a grand total of 63 different colleges and universities all across the country. From east to west coast, north to south, the players on the Ravens represent their schools with pride, and ore than a few will be required to step up on their chairs at an upcoming team function and sing their school's fight song.

Whether it be major universities from the popular BCS-eligible schools to little-known small colleges in rural America, the players all have one thing in common and that is the desire to play professional football for the Baltimore Ravens in 2011. The University of Miami leads the way with four players from the "U" followed by three players from Syracuse, Texas, Auburn, Alabama, Oregon, Iowa and Maryland.

Seven schools have two representatives on the team, including little-known Tennessee State. That leaves 48 different schools with one lone player representing their name. Those include big time programs such as Florida State, USC, Ohio State and Tennessee, as well as small-time programs from far away places barely recognizable as Stillman, St. Augustine, Morehouse, Nicholls State and Maryland's own Towson University.

Ninety players, 63 schools, one common bond and goal. Make the team and get to the Super Bowl. Sounds simple. Good luck guys, and go for it!