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NFL Network's Mike Mayock At Ravens' Camp

The NFL Network's Mike Mayock visited the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp on Saturday and then interviewed head coach John Harbaugh afterwards. Afterwards, Jason La Canfora discussed the Ravens chances to get to the next level in 2011. La Canfora simply said it would be nice if Baltimore could have a home playoff game for a change.

He went on to say that the Ravens success would be based on if they can get past the Pittsburgh Steelers. He compared the Ravens and specifically Joe Flacco's stats, which were only behind Tom Brady's passer rating from week three on and certainly better than Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, wh has yet to win a single playoff game while Flacco and his Ravens have won four road playff games in his three years in the league.

Check out the video here, and notice the guy in the background over Harbaugh's left shoulder in the black shirt and hat, who keeps glancing over to the interview.