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Joe Flacco's Wedding Photos

Jason Prezant Photography
Jason Prezant Photography

The news about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's marriage to the former Dana Grady took many Ravens fans by surprise and probably disappointed more than few of Joe's female fans as well. Now their wedding photographer, Jason Prezant, has released a series of photographs of the happy couple and their wedding party in all sorts of locations, poses and obviously having a great time.

There is even a photo of the wedding party in their football stances, with Joe taking the snap (of course) from his bride. In the photo, notice the guy on the right in his stance, still holding a cup of something in his hand, while Joe seems to be grasping a bottle of champagne. Other photos include romantic shots of the bride and groom, while there is also one with Joe and his bulldog, which hits a warm spot with this writer, who is also an owner of the same breed.

Check out related stories at, but to see the entire line of released photos, as well as the story behind the shots, go to Jason Prezant Photography. One can only wait and hope this is the beginning of the Hangover 3!