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Newly Married Nakamura Gives Back To Fans

Baltimore Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura
Baltimore Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura

Other than finally getting married and going on his honeymoon, Baltimore Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura has tried to attend every youth football camp, fundraiser or other event that he could in the off season, mostly due to the NFL Lockout. Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, details a youth football camp in Westminster, Maryland, where the Ravens normally would be setting up Training Cam in around three weeks

Unfortunately, forced to make an early decision, the Ravens have cancelled plans to hold their Training Camp at McDaniel College for the 15th consecutive year and now will have private workouts at their Practice Facility in Owings Mills, Maryland. Nakamurais sensitive to the missed opportunity for so many fans, especially the kids, that he is trying too connect with them as often as his personal schedule permits.

Haruki held a fundraiser for the Japan earthquake disaster in Aberdeen, Maryland and is helping out at wide receiver Derrick Mason's youth camp, trying to influence the older campers to set the right example for the younger kids. If safety Dawan Landry leaves the Ravens via free agency as expected, Nakamura figures to get a significant increase in playing time and even compete for the starting position with his road roommate and best friend on the team, Tom Zbikowski.

In the meantime, he's getting significant playing time on the gridiron teaching the kids and proving what a great guy he is.