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Would Ravens Take Brett Favre As Joe Flacco's Backup?

With the rumor resurfacing that Brett Favre is seriously thinking about a comeback, the landing spots for the old man are starting to crop up. While the Baltimore Ravens are not on the forefront on those places, the thought occurred to me that if the team cannot re-sign last year's reserve QB, Marc Bulger, would the team be interested in the 85-year old with 50+ years of NFL experience under his ample belly and belt?

Before the majority of Ravens fans go postal on me for even mentioning such blasphemy, think about the possibilities and combinations that could happen in the unlikely and very unfortunate event that Joe Flacco cannot play for whatever reason. Favre, gunslinging a ball up the middle to a diving Anquan Boldin, unleashing a bomb to the streaking Torrey Smith, or driving the team downfield in a two-minute offense to beat the hated Pittsburgh Steelers with one of his back-handed passes to Ray Rice while in the grasp of Steelers LB James Harrison.

Unfortunately, the odds are much better that he would throw a horrible pick, get slammed to the turf by Harrison, or make a very stupid play that would end any chance for a victory, as the Favre that I was previously talking about has been MIA for a couple of years now and the one remaining is old enough to be the father of most of the rest of the players on the field.