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Ravens' Flacco Backs Off Woodley Comments

When the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley said they Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco would not win a Super Bowl in his lifetime, Flacco fired back with his own response. Not that either player or team needed any extra bulletin board material in what is considered the NFL's most fierce rivalry.

Now the Ravens QB is sort of backing off his response to Woodley, saying he understand LaMarr's pride and expectation that he should win every game against their bitter rivals, even if it is Joe's own Ravens. In a Q&A on The Dan Patrick Show from Sports Radio Interviews, Flacco answers questions about the verbal sparing contest, the NFL Lockout and his own reputation for having a laid-back personality.

Flacco might have back off the confrontative nature of the Woodley comments, but has the fire and passion inside to win it all and feels that he should be judged on what people see for an hour or so every Sunday during football season. He expects to win every game and that includes the ones against the Steelers. With 2011 being Joe's fourth year in the league, it appears he is ready to take control of the offense and be the leader that most people are looking for him to be in order to take the steps to the next level in driving this offense to the playoffs and beyond.