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NY Giants 2nd Worst Loss In Team History: Ravens SB 35 Victory

In a video from, the discussion is on the New York Giants worst losses in team history. The reason this story is pertinent to fans of the Baltimore Ravens is that #2 on the list was the Giants 34-7 drubbing by the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV.

In the game, the Giants might have been slight underdogs but stayed close to the Ravens for most of the first half and early into the second before the Ravens blew the game open in the third quarter and coasted to the resounding victory. Giants fans were just not aware that a ten point lead for the Baltimore defense, which will go down in NFL history as one of the top ever, was pretty much insurmountable back then.

The Giants have won their share of Super Bowls but they have also been plagued by some of the biggest collapses in league history. Their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on the final play of the game last season when Philly's DeSean Jackson returned a punt for a TD after head coach Tom Coughlin told his punter not to kick it to him was a classic but not head of the Ravens Super Bowl victory on this list. Click on the link to see which game came in at number one.