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Would Ravens Adjust Scheme For DE Jason Babin?

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The Baltimore Ravens usually run a 3-4 defensive scheme, meaning their defensive line usually consists of one defensive tackle and two defensive ends, flanked by four linebackers on all sides of them. In order for the defensive line to match up with the huge offensive lines in this scheme, the ends are usually almost as big as the defensive tackles inside of them.

That requirement would eliminate a lot of free agents that are on the market and could certainly help the Ravens pass rush, which got a dismal 27 QB sacks in 2011, with almost half of them by LB Terrell Suggs. The Ravens need to pair someone on the other side of the line to take the pressure off of Suggs and put it on the opposing QB.

However, in order for the Ravens to go after a defensive end of Babin's size, they will need to adjust their scheme and give him the payday that he is waiting for. According to the National Football Post, he will be looking for a 3-4 year deal paying him the big bucks he feels he deserves and earned in 2010 with 12.5 sacks. The big question is, would the Ravens make changes to their vaunted defense to accommodate a free agent such as Babin?