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Six Degrees Of Cam Cameron

Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has a long history in the coaching ranks, but his ties to other coaches, both in football and otherwise, go way back to his childhood days. According to an interesting article in Football News Now, Cameron used to go to work with his stepfather, who was head football coach at Indiana State University.  Cameron became friends with an assistant coach who is now the running backs coach of the Washington Redskins.

Cam, while visiting and learning football at Indiana State, also came in contact with a little known basketball star at that time named Larry Bird. He absorbed Bird's competitiveness and that drove him to succeed the rest of his career. He played football at the University of Indiana under the great coach, Lee Corso and then Sam Wyche for his senior season.

Cameron then joined the coaching staff at the University of Michigan under the legendary Bo Schembechler before jumping to the NFL in San Diego as the offensive coordinator for Marty Schottenheimer. He mad the unsuccessful move to head coaching with the Miami Dolphins, but after a 1-15 initial season he was let go and has been here with the Baltimore Ravens ever since.

One would think that with all those relationships over the years that Cameron would be way more successful than he has been here in Baltimore. However, with a proven veteran QB in Joe Flacco now and more control of his development, as well as a bevy of receivers to work with, let's see how the 2011 season plays out before the fans and the team make any other decisions or label him a bust as our offensive coordinator.