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Best NFL Players Of The Millennium: Jonathan Ogden

Former Ravens OT Jonathan Ogden
Former Ravens OT Jonathan Ogden

With the NFL Top 100 Players for 2011 history as of yesterday, turned to the top players of the millennium. Steve Wyche made a case that former Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jonathan Ogden deserves mention as one of the two best offensive linemen of this era along with Seattle Seahawks LT Walter Jones.

Wyche mentioned the rare combination of of how "fluidly and violently Jonathan Ogden played left tackle." At 6'9" and 340 pounds, Odgen enjoyed a size, reach andjust as importantly, an athletic advantage over much smaller pass rushers in protecting the blind side of the many quarterbacks who passed through Baltimore in JO's 12 seasons in the NFL. Other than his rookie season Odgen made the Pro Bowl every other year he played, an incredible testament to his abilities.

Not only does Wyche consider Ogden one of the top two, if not the best offensive lineman of the new millennium, he thinks he should be considered one of the best player overall in this era, as well as one of the top ten offensive linemen of all time.