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Ray Lewis Introduces Tom Brady As #1 On NFL's Top 100 For 2011

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, along with New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, introduced New England Patriiots QB Tom Brady, in this video on, as the #1 player on the list of the NFL Top 100 Players of 2011. Both Lewis and Revis have played against Brady, although Revis has to face him at least twice a season, with both the Jets and Patriots being division rivals in the AFC East.

However, I'm not too sure which is the bigger thrill for Brady,being named the top player or being honored by having those two guys presenting him with the title. Even Brady himself said that he thought Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning should have been ranked number one.

Lewis was the highest defensive player on the list, coming in fourth, while his teammate, Ed Reed, was ranked the fifth best player. Revis was named the 8th best player for 2011. However, as Ray so eloquently says, while the scouts and experts did not see the skills and size on the outside of Tom Brady, they missed the desire that was, quoting Lewis, "burning inside of him."

What also makes all the rankings on this list special is that the voting was completely done by the players, so to have your peers honor you as such is the highest complement one player can give another. Congratulations to the best QB in the game today - for now.