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2nd Year Impact Players To Watch In 2011

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post did a story on the second year players that could make an impact after being relatively quiet after being picked in the 2010 NFL Draft. The story drew so much attention that Gabriel did a second story, then a third and now has completed his fourth installment in what has basically become a series.

In three of Gabriel's stories, he mentioned players on the Baltimore Ravens who had little or no impact, much less touched the playing field in a regular season game in 2010. His first mention of the Ravens was LB Sergio Kindle By now, most Ravens fans have heard that he has been cleared for football contact and is waiting to prove that he is the same guy the team drafted in the second round last April before injuring him head in a fall prior to training camp beginning and missing the entire 2010 season.

In the second installment, Gabriel lists offensive lineman Ramon Harewood, who also missed the entire 2010 campaign with a knee injury and although his skills are raw, he has the size, athletic ability and smarts to perhaps find a spot on the offensive line and make a significant contribution this year. In Gabriel's fourth and final installment, he singles out defensive tackle Terrence Cody, whom he noted was overweight and out of shape in 2010, but has slimmed down and is quoted as saying that "When the Ravens pair Cody with Haloti Ngata, they will be almost impossible to run against."