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When Will The NFL Lockout End?

The NFL Lockout is well into 100 days since the owners cut off the players from their practice facilities and all team contact. Training Camps are normally expected to open in a little more than three weeks and both veteran and undrafted rookie free agency still remains off limits. The NFL owners and players have been meeting over the past week and will continue to meet this week in an attempt to reach a settlement in order to save the season or at least not delay its beginning.

Rumors have surfaced that in order for the season to proceed as planned, an agreement must be reached in the next week or so. The expectations are that once a new CBA is agreed upon, it will take a week to draw it up and get it signed. That would leave approximately two weeks for teams to sign free agents and fill out their rosters. After that, Training Camps would open on time, although for some teams, including the Baltimore Ravens,

Training Camp would now be held at their practice facility instead of a local college that could accommodate fans who could watch their favorite players practice and perhaps even get the chance at an autograph or two. Exhibition games would begin on schedule and so would the regular season. But time is short and for this time-lineto be followed as rumored, both sides must agree as soon as possible, meaning this week.

That's why, I believe that the good news will be broadcasted at the end of the week, meaning Friday, July 8th. SeatGeek Blog is holding a contest called, "SeatGeek NFL Ticket Giveaway," with the prize of $200 in tickets being awarded for the closest guess on when the NFL Lockout will end. With my guess being this coming Friday (7/8), it would mean that we will have a frenzy of free agency and then Training Camps all in place and starting by the end of the month, which should make every fan, much less players and owners take a deep sigh of relief.