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Ravens Harbaugh Likes Flacco's Smack Talk In Practice

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh (July 30, 2011)
Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh (July 30, 2011)

At yesterday's Training Camp practice session, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco got into a little trash-talk confrontation with All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis. After a play was over in drills between the first team offense and defense, Ray was doing his usual smack talk about the play and stopping it for only a short gain.

Joe walked up towards the line of scrimmage and yelled at the defensive star, saying "Hey Ray, you didn't make the tackle!"

After practice, I had a chance to ask head coach John Harbaugh about how he liked seeing his offensive leader not afraid to take on his superstar linebacker in some good-natured jawing.

"You guys probably don’t realize it, but Joe [Flacco] has been doing that. He is always going back and forth with those guys. You probably notice it more because there are some other guys who aren’t here [who would] probably give it back. Maybe he has filled a little bit of a void that way, I don’t know. Joe and Ray [Ray], maybe they will be the spokesman for the offense and smack talking during practice."

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