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Ravens Following My "Dreadlocks Theory"

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Ravens Rookie WR Torrey Smith "sports" the dreads!
Ravens Rookie WR Torrey Smith "sports" the dreads!

As announced previously in this space, XFINITY from Comcast has generously agreed to support the best NFL community around -- us! As part of that effort, XFINITY will be sponsoring our Baltimore Raven’s training camp coverage as well as a variety of special editorial and interactive features on our site between now and the end of the 2011 NFL season.

For a couple of years now, I have been posting comments about my theory that the players in the NFL who sport dreadlocks are among the best in the league. Last summer, I even discussed this with both WR Donte Stallworth and LB Dannell Ellerbe, both who rock the dreads. Together, we had a very difficult time coming up with any player in the NFL who wore their hair like this and were not standout players. Donte even mentioned that he was reading a book about the Bible's "Samson," who of course got his power from his long-flowing locks.


At Baltimore Ravens Training Camp yesterday, I got a sense from the players that perhaps team General Manager Ozzie Newsome was fully aware of my "Dreadlocks Theory" and had loaded up the team with players who combined the skills to be a pro football player in the NFL as well as wear and look very good in the long dreads. Obviously, not all of these guys will end up on the Ravens roster, but don't be surprised if they do and you wonder what the deciding factor was in their favor, that this "Dreadlocks Theory" is never mentioned. However, with a slight nod and wink between me and the "Wizard of Oz," we will know the truth.

Click on the 'Jump' to see more photos of our Baltimore Ravens "dreadlocked" players.




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