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AFC North From A Denver Perspective

The SB Nation blog on the Denver Broncos, Mile High Report,is taking a look around the NFL division-by-division. They take a look at the AFC North, and of course talk about the Baltimore Ravens. In addition to breaking down the recent history of the team, it's origination in moving from Cleveland in 1996, there is a paragraph abut the competition over the years between the Broncos and Ravens.

As the article rightfully admits, the Ravens have pretty much owned the Broncos over the past few years. Similar to the Ravens superiority over the Miami Dolphins, it just appears that Baltimore is too physical a team for teams like Denver and Miami, who rely more on finesse for their own success.

Mile High Report goes on to review the Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. Interesting to see that the Ravens have a better record against the Broncos than the Steelers do. Overall, the Broncos had one of their most memorable moments in team history in forming the legacy of QB John Elway in Denver's come from behind playoff win known simple as "The Drive."